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Infrared Hot Yoga

Maybe you tried a hot yoga class and decided it wasn’t for you. Have you found that the forced heat in a hot yoga room was too intense? Hot yoga with infrared heating may be just what you’re looking for. At Lovelight Yoga Co. we use state of the art infrared heat panels during our hot yoga classes. Keep reading to learn more about infrared heat and its many benefits.

What is Infrared light?

Infrared light is NOT ultraviolet light… in fact, it has an opposite effect of UV. It can enhance the skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the healthy light that allows plants to photosynthesize, or make energy to sustain and grow. Infrared light rays heat you from the inside, a deep penetrating heat that warms you, and not just the surrounding air. Can’t imagine being heated from within? Imagine practicing yoga outside on a clear and sunny afternoon, minus the sun in your eyes. Relaxed, content, and full of radiant energy, right? Your muscles become more pliable, connective tissue responds to the body’s warmth and many find it is easier to arrive to the flow state. 

Will I become dehydrated from a heated yoga class?

Consistent movement will always result in the body requiring hydration to feel refreshed. Naturally, movement plus a heated environment promotes detoxification. Please bring water to class and hydrate throughout as well as before and after class.

What type of physical benefits are there to practicing in a heated studio?

  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation

From arthritis and fibromyalgia to plain old muscle soreness, infrared heat can penetrate up to 3 inches into the body and under the skin, aiding in pain relief by improving blood circulation and enhancing the delivery of oxygen to soft tissue, which helps relax the muscles.

Infrared heat is helpful with rain reduction. We often use heating pads, heated neck wraps and warm compresses for spot reduction of pain.  Heating the overall body under the comforting heat infrared panels allows students to experience a decrease in pain through a warming up of muscle tissue combined with gentle movement.


  • Smooth Skin

Infrared light waves gradually repair skin damage over time. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, helps scars and burns, improves the skin’s elasticity, and improves overall appearance of skin tone. The radiant shine which comes with regular yoga practice starts on the inside and makes it’s way to the outside!


  • Healthy Heart/Healthy Mind

Along with strengthening our cardiovascular system through Ujjayi breathing, a rise in body temperature increases blood flow. In turn, breathing and circulation improves. The symbiotic relationship between our Circulatory System and Respiratory System is enhanced. This increased blood flow mimics the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout and continues hours after your hot yoga practice! The regulated breathing accomplished through practicing Ujjayi breath calms the mind and balances the Central Nervous System. The mind and body benefit.


  • Detox

Infrared therapy is the best way to eliminate metals, chemicals, and toxins from the body. The natural heating mechanism heats from within the body. Studies have shown that in this state, cancer cell growth slows, and white blood cells (infection fighters) are produced.

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