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This class is a heated (90-95 degrees), vinyasa style class that is designed to strengthen your body and your mind. Traditional and creative sequencing tied together with rhythmic breathing techniques as we build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. 

Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners receive suggestions from the instructor to create poses that work for their individual level. This allows all practitioners to be challenged and find their own personal edge together in the same space. Be ready to move, breathe, and sweat! 


Express Power Flow is a heated (90-95 degrees) vinyasa style class. You will move through a sequence of poses that are linked with breath, building heat and strength in the body. Expect to sweat and challenge yourself, but also leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.  


Sunrise Power Flow is a heated (90-95 degrees) vinyasa style class that is designed to help you start your day with energy and focus. Throughout this class, we'll move through a sequence of poses that generate heat and strength in your body, while also increasing your flexibility and balance.

Be prepared to sweat and push yourself, but also walk away feeling balanced and revitalized for the day ahead. 


A grounding flow that invites students of all levels to come as they are and unplug the mind. In this class, we move slowly and deliberately through a sequence of poses that are designed to cultivate strength, balance, and flexibility. The pace of this class is slow and intentional, allowing you to stay present and fully experience each pose. The focus on breath and movement creates a meditative state, helping you to release tension and find inner peace. 


Restorative Yoga is a gentle and relaxing practice that can help facilitate deep relaxation. In this class, we'll use props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters to support your body in various poses. Each pose is held for several minutes, allowing your body to fully relax and release tension. The focus on deep breathing and relaxation promotes a sense of calm and helps to quiet your mind. This class is perfect for anyone looking to unwind and experience deep relaxation before bedtime.


A creatively blended class combining vinyasa and yin yoga. The first half of this class we move through a dynamic yang style of vinyasa flow helping to strengthen the mind and and invigorate the body. Halfway through, the heat goes off and the lights go down as we explore the yin style of longer-held passive poses. As we slow down and soften into these yin postures it allows us to  open the body to more flexibility and energy flow. Great for all levels!


In yin yoga we target the deeper connective tissues- ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. Soothing music and essential oils are used to create a healing space. As we hold poses for longer and transition a bit softer, we lean on the support of our props which will allow us to soften into the stillness and push past any discomfort. 

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