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This class is a heated (90 and 95 degrees), vinyasa style class that is designed to strengthen your body and your mind. Traditional and creative sequencing tied together with rhythmic breathing techniques as we build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. 

Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners receive suggestions from the instructor to create poses that work for their individual level. This allows all practitioners to be challenged and find their own personal edge together in the same space. Be ready to move, breathe, and sweat! 


An energizing, challenging and powerful morning class that will leave you feeling revitalized. This class is heated between 90 and 95 degrees with a duration of 45 minutes --  we move at a steady pace to keep practice fluid and awakening. 


Sunrise Power Flow is one of our signature classes that is held at 5:30 am. This vinyasa style class (heated 90-95 degrees) is an energetic and powerful breath centered practice that creates strength through movement and awareness of breath.  This vigorous flow will leave you feeling energized and challenged in the best way possible for the day ahead.


A grounding flow that invites students of all levels to come as they are and unplug the mind. Focusing on the subtle body through movement and breathing, this grounded and slow practice encourages a rediscovery of intention and grace. This class is non-heated.


In this warm class (80-82 degrees) we adding light weights to yoga poses you already know producing a class that will work and tone your entire body! We use

3-5 pound hand weights to focus attention on shoulders, arms, chest, and legs, all while mindfully breathing and building a sweat!


A creatively blended class combining vinyasa and yin yoga. The first half of this class we move through a dynamic yang style of vinyasa flow helping to strengthen the mind and and invigorate the body. Halfway through, the heat goes off and the lights go down as we explore the yin style of longer-held passive poses. As we slow down and soften into these yin postures it allows us to  open the body to more flexibility and energy flow. Great for all levels!


In yin yoga we target the deeper connective tissues- ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. Soothing music and essential oils are used to create a healing space. As we hold poses for longer and transition a bit softer, we lean on the support of our props which will allow us to soften into the stillness and push past any discomfort. 


Gently strengthen and relax the mind and body in this non-heated class. All levels welcome as we honor wherever we are moment by moment. Mindful Movement begins with a peaceful meditation, moving into a gentle full body warm up, connecting breath to movement.  Each week we target a different muscle group or intention before cooling down into guided meditation closing savasana. 

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